Rarepinkfloyd.com is owned by Retro Marketing, formerly known as Retro Records.  Unofficially, “we” is longtime record dealer, collector and sometime author Charlie Essmeier.
Charlie Essmeier

We have been selling records since 1978; our first ad appeared in issue #19 of Goldmine under the business name of Used Grooves.  We had a record store in Houston, Texas for a while but eventually moved into doing record shows and mail order full time.  In 1990, we moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, and we ceased full time record sales in 1994, though we have been selling intermittently at record shows and on eBay over the years.

In 2013, Charlie decided to get back into the record business on a bigger scale and created Rarepinkfloyd.com and our retail site, Rarerecords.net.

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